At McCormick Assisted Living, we offer the following long term care options:

  • RCAC – Residential Care Apartment Complexes
  • CBRF – Community Based Residential Facilities

Contact the ADRC in your county of residence for information on options:

ADRC of Brown County - 920-448-4300

Time to Consider McCormick

Is your parent or loved one doing any of the following?

  • Preparing nutritious meals regularly?
  • Taking medications as prescribed?
  • Maintaining home and personal hygiene?
  • Becoming increasingly forgetful?
  • Having trouble walking – perhaps falling?
  • Advised by a physician to live in an assisted living facility?
  • Increasingly relying on children and family?
  • Lonely or lacking social contact?

Perhaps it’s time to consider McCormick Assisted Living!

McCormick Assisted Living